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Food is not the enemy.  Neither is your body.

Your plate doesn’t have to be your battlefield – neither does your mind.
You think, you hope, you pray…that the next diet will solve everything: make you slim, make you healthy, make you attractive, wantable, worthy, lovable, and allows you to belong…in your family, in society, on this Earth.

Because when you tick of all of these boxes, and get all the things you want: you think, you hope, you pray…that you will be happy.

Because underneath it all, you just want to be happy, you want to feel good, and to feel that life is worth living.  You want it all to feel easier, gentler – you want to stop the eternal fighting.

What if I told you that you can be happy, feel good, be the life you want to be, with ease and gentleness – if you made those your goals?

If feeling good became your goal…what would you want to do?

Would you want to continue to hate your diet, make excuses not to go to the gym, hide on the sofa with a bottle of wine and re-runs of Criminal Minds?

Would you want to continue to force down food that you hate, and then retaliate by eating too much food that you love but is “forbidden” to compensate for it?

Would you continue to talk about dieting and use self-disparaging humour with other friends who talk about dieting and self-disparaging humour…and nothing else?

Because if you really hate it all – it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can transform your relationship with food into a nourishing, wholesome and satisfying one.

You can choose goals that feel good not just when you hit them, but also when you are on your journey towards them.

But ultimately?

You must transform your relationship with yourself…

…to feel really good.

Because your feelings, thoughts and behaviour around food are a reflection of the feelings, thoughts and needs held deeply within yourself.  More than a reflection – a metaphor for your hidden desires, dreams and hopes.

And your desires, dreams and hopes are all prayers from your soul.

I believe that in finding what moves your soul, you find Love, Compassion, Belonging, Bounty, Wholeness, Fulfilment…

…and Freedom.

Because all of these things are not “out there” in other people and other things, they are not things that you “attract” or that are graciously bestowed upon you from High:

They are already within you, searching for resonance in your surrounding world.


So, who am I?

It’s about time I introduced myself.  I’m Catherine Haymes.  I love food and I’ve always had a great relationship with food.

Maybe that’s the worst thing to say to you right now, except:

  • it’s completely and undeniably true, and
  • I can show you how and why I’ve had a great relationship with food throughout my life, and my experiences can show you a way to begin your own relationship with food afresh
  • even with this great relationship, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t experienced the shadows within my soul.  If anything, the bad times force me to research and reflect on the relationships around me – with my family, my friends, work, society…and my own relationship with food

I believe…

…that your relationship with food is not just about eating it and how it affects your mind and body – it’s also the acts of cooking, presence, curiosity, and respect

…that cooking is one of the most underrated mindful practices out there

…that you are worthy of love, compassion, respect and honour

…that you are more capable of being the life you want to be than you give yourself credit for

…that the more willing you are to be open, honest and aware of yourself, the more you can understand yourself and why you react the way you do – it’s crucial to your healing to be open and honest with yourself, even if not with everyone else

…that you cannot appreciate The Light Within without appreciating The Dark Within

…that all of these things are risky and scary, and potentially involve pain…but the rewards for your journey?

They are immense –



If there is one last thing I want you to know, it is this:

Our souls are tethered to our bodies only for a short time.  We do not have anywhere near enough time on this earth to do all the things we want and need to do.

Whilst you are still alive, you deserve to honour yourself – your needs, your wishes, and your deepest desires.

You are alive.

You are the key to your own life.

You are the potential energy at the tip of Becoming.

To Become: Choose.



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Oh!  And P.S.


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One thought on “About Catherine

  1. Marcus

    Catherine, this is a nice little story…no, a beautiful story spun from reality and magical truth. I love it. I’ll be eating every next bite!


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