Curiosity Doesn’t Kill – It Opens

Our souls are tethered to our bodies only for a short time.

We do not have anywhere near enough time on this earth to do all the things we want and need to do.

Whilst you are still alive, you deserve to honour yourself: your needs, your wishes, and your deepest desires.


This is the one thing I want you to know.  I even stuck it on my About page, it’s that important.

But how do we honour ourselves and fulfil our needs, wishes and desires in this lifetime?

I’ll cut to the chase:

You honour yourself when you find meaning in your life.

The purpose of your Soul is to find meaning in your life.

The purpose of your Body is to hold that meaning and find ways for your soul to express it.

You can only do this when you feel that your Body and Soul are in harmony with each other and you feel whole.

Please note that I say “when you FEEL” the harmony between the two – because the difficult part of all this is that it’s subjective, individual and very personal to you. What will align one person won’t do a thing for another, and will be laughed at on YouTube by someone else.

Some people feel most whole when they dance – others have two left feet.

Some people feel most whole playing musical instruments or listening to music.

Some people feel most whole when making love.

Some people feel most whole riding motorbikes. How do you find meaning and find ways to express it?

You have to get curious and explore.

You Have To Let Your Curiosity Unfurl.

I created a free e-course for you to learn the skill of Curiosity.  Because it is a skill – no different to cooking or riding a bicycle.

Let Your Curiosity Unfurl shows you how to develop and use Curiosity as a skill to start to understand yourself and your place in the world.

Because with understanding?  Comes real options to become the life you want to be.

Stop feeling stuck.  Stop the greyness in your life.

Get Curious.

Your fellow Seeker,




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