On Seasonal Food and You

A short and sweet note this week:

Up in the northern hemisphere we’re headed towards winter (far too quickly for my liking!).  A lot of magazines and articles and blogs and whatnot are going to be pushing the whole “seasonal eating” thing right now: “Salads are too light for this time of year, lets hunker down with a big ol’ stew with chestnuts and marshmallows in the fire.”


What is your body telling you to eat more of right now?  I mean, chocolate and cake are always things we might fancy more of, but I’m really asking you about whether you want to eat heavier, warmer things right now, or whether you still want the lighter salads or fruits associated with summer?

Or maybe you’re not a salad-y person at all and haven’t really eaten many over the summer – that’s ok too, I’m not one for too many salads, for some reason I can’t digest them very well if I have more than a couple a week (and by “a couple”, I mean, in side-salad portions, not as a whole meal in an of itself either!).


Maybe your body agrees with the swing of seasons and the foods associated with it.  Normally my body agrees with the general swing of the seasons – it’s getting colder, I need actual warmth from food, therefore I will start making more stews, casseroles and hotpots with richer textures and flavours than I’d normally make in the summer.


However, a part of me is still hankering for fruit and salads, my body still hasn’t quite given up the spirit of summer yet – plus I need as much vitamin C as my body can safely take whilst I’m doing light physio on my wrist to get it flexibly strong again.


(mini-update – I’m out of the splint and trying to get used to not using a support to get through the day; currently I can twist the throttle back about half-way before my wrist says “I cannae twist no more, have some pain for your efforts!”  Erm, no, I wasn’t riding (yet), just playing in a motorbike showroom).


Point is: regardless of what any of us bloggers and chefs and health-food advocates and diet tribes say, you gotta eat what’s right for you as you and your body needs it.


If that means eating salads in winter, go for it.

If that means eating beef stew and it’s scorching outside with nearly 100% humidity, do that.

If that means eating a whole chocolate cake with chocolate sauce and chocolate toppings eaten with a chocolate fork and spoon and washed down with a hot chocolate…go for it.


(But maybe take it easy on the chocolate/sugar front for several days afterwards – moderation is not overrated *wink*.)


You and your body knows what is needed – take the time to listen and try to act on it.




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3 thoughts on “On Seasonal Food and You

  1. Gwyneth

    Nice post! I’ve just finished eating oven-baked salmon and beetroot risotto with a large side portion of crunchy salad, and I have to say it worked very well. Without the salad (iceberg lettuce, cabbage, peppers and carrots) it would have verged on the texture of baby food, I think :-) So salads in winter get a big thumbs up for me, if only for the textural variety :-)

  2. Katherine

    Yum, I’d be spending tomorrow making that chocolate meal (sounds like heaven!) if it wasn’t going to make me violently ill afterwards. :(

    I’ve read that according to Ayurvedic principles some of us are “cold” and perpetually need hot, solid meals, and some of us are “hot” and thrive on cool refreshing foods, more or less regardless of the season.

    I never like salads, or anything cool and light unless its really hot weather.

    1. catherine Post author

      That would make some sense – much like some people are real carnivores and others can barely digest meat (not just because of ethical reasons).


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