On Why It’s All About You (and an announcement!)

It’s now been about 6 months since I’ve re-launched this blog (I know, time flies when you’re having fun…or you’re so busy that one day, it’s the heat of the summer in August in Austria, and the next, it’s 5 degrees cold in November in England!).

I re-launched it because you should know these 3 things:

1.    You are freakin’ amazing to be alive today and to be juggling a job, pets, partners, children, cooking, cleaning, extended family dropping in unannounced, neighbours popping around to borrow some milk and sugar, being there for your best friend when her life falls apart, LIFE…

And if you drop a ball amidst all this chaos, I want you to know that it’s ok.


Nobody is Wonder Woman or Superman.

“Balance?  It’s a myth”.

2.    You are an individual who is worthy of respect, compassion and kindness (with a few gigglesnorts along the way!),

and to never be shamed or bullied into someone else’s ideas of “worthiness”, and that includes the media, the beauty, health and dieting industries.

And I’m not just calling out the ladies here, I’m also calling to all you gentlemen out there too, because the same applies to you.

3.    There is only so much that you can give before your well will run dry

– you have needs, and you need to be cared for too.

One way you can reconnect with yourself is to masturbate COOK (and bake).

Cook with all your senses focused on it.

Bake with loved ones who would enjoy spending time with you in that way.

Because reconnecting with yourself will help you feel more like yourself.

Because reconnecting with yourself and with others around you will make you stronger, and give you renewed energy to give back more to the people you love.

And if it can be woven into daily activities, then it’s better for you.  A plant needs a little water every day to flourish, not a flood once a week.

TO THAT END…I’ve written a self-titled book for you.

Everybody’s Home For Dinner will help you feel more like yourself and put great food at the heart of it all.

Everybody’s Home For Dinner does this by tuning you into your own senses and thoughts, so that you can give back more to the people you love.

Everybody’s Home For Dinner is being unleashed on 1st January 2014 and will be exclusively available through this blog.

It is not a cookery book per se, although there are a handful of recipes within for you to make your own way.

So print off, cut out and stick this to-do list for 1st January on your shiny new kitten wall calendars: New Year's post-it note



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