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Goulash Spices – how to make a hearty stew out of ANYTHING

In Germanic and Eastern European cookbooks, they expect you to already know “the basics” of traditional cooking, and the instructions are often blunt with little direction of what to expect or what you’re aiming for.

One of “the basics” you’ll be expected to know is the traditional Goulash Spices.  I personally love it because it’s one of those universal spices that can be added to anything savoury that you’re cooking and it will goulash it. Continue reading

Roux – never have runny gravy, soups or stews again!

Traditional sauce thickening or stew thickening: often you would just add flour and mix it into the sauce or stew thoroughly to thicken it, but you ran the risk of making the stew taste, well, “floury”.  If you wanted to thicken the sauce but also enrich the flavour, you’d use a roux instead. Continue reading

Bouquet Garni – French for “this goes in the pot and makes everything yummy”

This is a classic herb bouquet that traditionally is put into a small, disposable square of cheesecloth or muslin cloth, tied together with nylon string and added to the pot to be removed immediately before serving.  Continue reading

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