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This post isn’t going to be about cooking.

Kitchen philosophy # 2

Kitchen philosophy # 2

This post is going to be about you.


Specifically, I’m asking you all to take care of yourselves. 


I don’t necessarily mean getting a mani-pedi and a latte

(although those are great things to have (make mine a vanilla full-fat latte with cinnamon lightly dusted on top please)). 


I don’t even necessarily mean eating more healthily and cutting down on all those things they tell you to cut down on

(although I do confess that drinking 2l of water with other drinks like tea, soda and coffee as “extra” each day instead of the other way around, is the single change that has made me feel healthier above everything else). 


I’m talking about doing the things that make you feel alive – at least once a week.

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