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The Zen of Convenience Cooking

The Chinese New Year is coming up on 31st January and we will be welcoming in the Year of the Horse!


Now I gotta confess, my main connection with the Chinese New Year is that I’m also Japanese, and we use the Chinese Zodiac for our astrology rather than Western astrology.  I was born in the Year of the Ox – the Western equivalent being Capricorn.  In fact, as well as being an Ox, I was also born a Capricorn – kinda like a double-Capricorn/Ox/Goat.  I got horns.  (Just kidding.  But you never know.)


ANYWAYS!  In light of this event, I wanted to look at some of the popular ideas that have more or less been integrated into our lives and figure out if they can apply to cooking.

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Would changing food pricing and marketing really make a difference?

There was a report published that suggested that the price of healthy food is one of the strongest factors in determining whether people will buy it or not:


A recent Forbes article leapt on this report and had the tagline, “Today’s food marketing is making us fat, but it doesn’t have to” (http://www.forbes.com/sites/insead/2012/11/20/can-food-marketers-not-make-us-fat/) and lists four great ways to help food marketers promote fresh food:

1 – bring down the price of healthy food to make it easily available to everyone.  Nobody will have an excuse not to buy it if it’s cheaper than one of those microwave burgers, unless…

2 – drop the word “healthy” from fresh food advertising to stop the association of “healthy food” with “disgusting-tasting food” and use words like “natural taste”, or tap into the Green Living notion of “sustainable production”.

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