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The Art of Discernment

We live in a judgmental world.

We live in a world where judgment is entertainment: X-Factor, The Voice, Jersey Shore, World’s <blankest> <blank>, Embarrassing Bodies…gossip magazines like Heat, Now, The Enquirer, Glamour Magazine…and of course, crack open any newspaper and the ink covered in commentaries and opinions far outnumber actual relays of facts, and the hysterical noise generated from them! Everyone wanting to put across their opinion of the situation and to spin their own stories…

…instead of just discerning the facts (or, at least, try to get as close to factual evidence as we can get to).

Discernment is not the same as Judgement.

When you look up their dictionary meanings of the two words:

Judgment: “to judge” is to make a decision, or form an opinion objectively, authoritatively and wisely.

Discernment: “to discern” is to distinguish mentally; to perceive by the sight or some other sense or by the intellect; seen, recognise or apprehend.

To judge is to create an opinion, either your own or to borrow someone else’s, once you have gathered all the facts you’re willing to gather.

To discern is to see things for what they are, nothing more. No attaching of opinions, judgments, or stories. It’s one step back before you make a judgment, if you will.

Making a judgment marks the end of curiosity, until you actively start searching for more information.

Why does this matter?

Because judgments are ruining your life.

Judgments of other people around you, and judgments about yourself.

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