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2014 is here, and so is THE BOOK!

2 things today:


So take your painkillers and head on over to the brand new


Aaaaand I’ve got a new present for you!

Go and get it here:

Click on your present to get it *wink*


2 – Say Hello and Wave Goodbye

…to 2014 and 2013 respectively.  I wish you everything that you desire in 2014, and hope that your hangover goes away very soon.

But I also want to wish you a safe 2014 and great health.

This morning, coming back from a New Year’s party, we got caught on the M25 in a traffic jam between 2am and 4am – we were about 500m away and could see the emergency service lights at the scene.  It turned out to be a fatal accident that, even as I write, is causing major delays and more traffic jams – we figured it must have been after we were stuck for more than 45 minutes.

Life – that tiny electrical spark, essence, soul, spirit – it comes and goes too easily.  It’s only through having that coursing through our bodies that you can be reading this (and I can be writing this).

So let’s enjoy and be thankful for today – for that tiny little spark that keeps us alive, and for a national holiday to rest up and recover.

My thoughts are with both the family of the dead and the family of the lorry driver.

In peace, grace and painkillers,


Jingle Bells, Eat Damn Well, Gigglesnort All The Way!

This is going to be my last blog post before Christmas.

(Clearly, I mean, it’s less than a week to go now!).

I know you’re busy wrapping things up both at work and at home when the kids and other half aren’t looking (what?   You haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet?  *shock* *horror*

…Neither have I, don’t worry.  *wink* Just don’t tell my other half that).

I’ll be back on January 1st though with my book, Everybody’s Home For Dinner.

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On Why It’s All About You (and an announcement!)

It’s now been about 6 months since I’ve re-launched this blog (I know, time flies when you’re having fun…or you’re so busy that one day, it’s the heat of the summer in August in Austria, and the next, it’s 5 degrees cold in November in England!).

I re-launched it because you should know these 3 things:

1.    You are freakin’ amazing to be alive today and to be juggling a job, pets, partners, children, cooking, cleaning, extended family dropping in unannounced, neighbours popping around to borrow some milk and sugar, being there for your best friend when her life falls apart, LIFE…

And if you drop a ball amidst all this chaos, I want you to know that it’s ok. Continue reading

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