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The Best Method For Being Grateful

People often ask, “when a great oak falls in the woods, does anyone notice if nobody’s there to hear it?”

I believe that just because you’re not there to hear it doesn’t mean that others who live near it can’t feel it. When it falls, the vibrations can be felt by all life close to it.

I believe it’s the same when someone who touched your life also falls. You might not be there to hear it, but the vibrations can be felt throughout your community.

Robin Williams died this week in what has been reported as suicide due to depression. Earlier this year, we also lost the wonderful L’Wren Scott to depression, whose timeless designs and enduring elegance I have always admired since I first saw her work in Harper’s Bazaar at least 6 years ago.

Of course, it highlights the need for continued work on depression and related diseases, but it just strikes me as saddening that we have to lose cherished figures in the public eye for it to be brought to wider awareness.

For both Robin and L’Wren, and for everyone else who is suffering and who has been touched by this disease:

I wish you all Freedom.

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5 People Who Have Shaped And Inspired The Way I Cook

There are a lot of people investing in gratitude these days on t’interwebz since it has been linked to feeling better about yourself and your life.  In particular, my lovely friend Eli Trier created an entire book of art dedicated to all the people who have inspired her – a piece of gratitude a week to each of the people who have shaped who she is today.  The book is titled “The Gratitude Project” and you can find it here.

^ these are not affiliate links btw, I just drool over her work and wanted to share it with you.
But on the theme of gratitude, it’s occurred to me that I haven’t spoken much about who really shaped and inspired the way I cook.

1 – My mum

I love food.

But there was a time when food was “difficult”.  I was a fussy eater as a small child.  All I would eat were strawberry jam sandwiches, Japanese ramen, sticky white rice with soy sauce, soy sauce omelettes and Walkers salt & vinegar crisps.

How did I change?  Well, it’s all thanks to my Mum.  Continue reading

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