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On Finding Home And Honouring Yourself – Part 2

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I’ve spoken before about how important Home is to me.


It’s the feeling of Home, the feeling of Belonging somewhere, which somewhat haunts me.  A lot of us who are born with dual cultures or more tend to struggle with finding out place in the world – not always belonging in the country/countries you grew up in, not always belonging to your blood countries.


This can all make you feel somewhat “Homeless”.


People find or make their homes in different ways: creating a family; finding a country that agrees most with tier principles and values; for others, Home is within, it’s in their hearts.


Recently, a wonderful woman called Hiro Boga reposted this blog post about The Art of Belonging, and she really hit the nail on the head with this:


You belong to yourself. You belong to your life. You belong to the Earth, to your soul. This isn’t just a lovely sentiment, it’s an energetic reality.

– See more at: http://hiroboga.com/blog/harmony-belonging/the-art-of-belonging/#sthash.DkThquWZ.dpuf

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On Family Recipes and Giving Thanks

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you all so much for your responses both here and on the Facebook Page to the previous blog post On Finding Home And Honouring Yourself, I’m so grateful, thank you.

I just wanted to add as a P.S. that there were some fascinating themes that came from it – whereas some find Home externally in a place, or with other people, some people find Home within, particularly people who are more nomadic and travel a lot, rarely settling in a place for more than a couple of months.  It also seems that a lot of people who move abroad tend to keep a piece of their childhood Homelands with them too, and appreciate it when they go back for a holiday, even if it’s not to move back. Continue reading

On finding Home and honouring yourself

A friend recently asked me:

What was the best advice you ever heard, but didn’t take?

It was to never forget who you are.

A few weeks ago, my Japanese granddad died.

It affected me worse than I thought it would.

But not just because I’d lost my granddad.

It was something else. Continue reading

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