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Calling all foodies hungry to cook…


…when you don’t know how. 


When you don’t know how much or how little you know about how to recreate the flavours you love.

When you often find yourself burning macaroni cheese, undercooking chicken, and seriously contemplating cooking burgers in the toaster (< real story, that, within my family!)

Or maybe not even getting to that stage…

This one’s for you.


Because the reality is that it’s an adventure.  You’re trying something new.

So treat it as such.

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How To Cook.

Last week I encouraged you to find your Big Why To Cook In 2014.

This week, I want to explain how to cook in 2014.

Celebrity Chefs, cookbooks and cooking courses teach you skills to improve your cooking, which generally is what we think of if someone talks about “how to cook” – we also think of Delia’s book series on this very topic.

But your cooking skills are only part of the bigger picture.

Even if your kitchen was armed to the sink with appliances, knives, books and a cup of tea, and even if you can use them well, it is only part of the bigger picture.

There is an entire ecology that determines how each of us cooks and whether the resulting dishes are good to your tastebuds.

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