This post isn’t going to be about cooking.

Kitchen philosophy # 2

Kitchen philosophy # 2

This post is going to be about you.


Specifically, I’m asking you all to take care of yourselves. 


I don’t necessarily mean getting a mani-pedi and a latte

(although those are great things to have (make mine a vanilla full-fat latte with cinnamon lightly dusted on top please)). 


I don’t even necessarily mean eating more healthily and cutting down on all those things they tell you to cut down on

(although I do confess that drinking 2l of water with other drinks like tea, soda and coffee as “extra” each day instead of the other way around, is the single change that has made me feel healthier above everything else). 


I’m talking about doing the things that make you feel alive – at least once a week.


What are the things that make you feel on top of the world? 


What are those things you do that make you feel bereft if you don’t do them regularly?


What are the things you do that means you can give back more to the people you love?


Do you need to spend quality time with friends and extended family at least once or twice a week otherwise you get frustrated and feel alone? 

Do you need to get out and connect with the world, striking up the most fascinating conversations with kind strangers who you’ll remember for years to come even if you never see them again? 

Do you need to see the sights and the sounds of the city or the festivals and spring a party in each step you take?


Or maybe you’re more introverted – you need to recharge your batteries alone by spending an afternoon reading, or in the local woodlands under the trees, or just pottering about the house in your own thoughts? 

(This actually applies to me more than the former).


For me, if I don’t cook something, or ride out on my motorbike, or write something for myself within my week, I start to swing between agitated and blue.


And this does not do good for the people closest to me, like my partner – it drags him down too. 


That is, until I do one of those things: then all is well in my world, and I can give more to my nearest and dearest. 


I’ll bet it’s the same for you too, once you do one of the things you know will colour your world. 


What are those things?


And more importantly, how can you make sure that you do one of those things this week, or tomorrow, or today?


“Oh, I don’t have time to do that.”


“Oh, it’s selfish of me to do that for myself.”


“Oh it’s too ridiculous.”


Sounds familiar?

Here’s the thing: making the time to do the things that fulfil you isn’t just an imperative for yourself – it’s for the people around you just as much as it is for you. 
And that’s the key: time is made, not found (click those magic words to Tweet). 


You literally have to schedule in and promise yourself that you will do that thing at that time on that day in that location. 


Then, when that time comes?  Go forth and enjoy yourself!  (Even if it is to get a mani-pedi and a latte *wink*)


So, what will YOU do this week that is purely for you?
I’m a nosey parker, so leave a comment below telling me!  (Pweesh?)






P.S.   Ok I lied, it is a bit about cooking too.  Sorry for lying.  I’m not sorry that it’s still about cooking.

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2 thoughts on “This post isn’t going to be about cooking.

  1. Emma Taylor

    At the moment with a small child it is to take an afternoon nap so that I can get up in the night with her and not feel like a zombie the next day. But eventually I would like to start baking and pick up my sewing again.
    Goals to achieve

    1. catherine Post author

      Oof! Yeah, with children I have seen with other parent-friends as well how hard it is, and the ones who make it look like a breeze tend to be rather like a swan – graceful for us to see, paddling furiously underwater where we can’t see!


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