We Are Made Of Movement

I’ve been reading a book over the last couple of months – dipping in and out of it – that has had a really profound effect on the way I see and feel about life and the world.  It’s called “Consolations – The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meanings of Everyday Words” by David Whyte.  He examines everyday words and explains what the word really means in philosophical, poetic and practical terms; words such as Solace, Heartbreak, Beauty, and Unconditional.

For a Desire Mapper like me, a book like this is invaluable: Desire Mapping forces you to really dig into and underneath words, their history, their meanings, their uses, and examining the individual effects each word has on you and the emotions each word evokes within.  Learning this kind of information is what drives you to choose your Core Desired Feelings – the emotional states that you wish to inhabit your life in that become your guiding lights when goal-setting.

A word that caught my attention over the last fortnight is “Pilgrim”.

Accoding to Whyte, “Pilgrim is a word that accurately describes the average human being.”  We are all pilgrims through life, never entirely knowing what our destination is, except that the ending is our own ending.  Sobering thought, I guess.

If we are all pilgrims, then we are always moving.

“The defining experience at the diamond-hard center of reality is eternal movement as beautiful and fearful invitation; a beckoning dynamic asking us to move from this to that.”

Movement is not just about dancing and exercising, although these are great expressions of movement.

We are also moving through time and space within time and space.  We set goals.  We chase our dreams.

“We are so much made of movement that we speak of the destination being both inside us and beyond us; we sense we are the journey along the way, the one who makes it and the one who has already arrived.”

We are so much made of movement, made for movement, that if we do try to stop ourselves moving, that fragment of us we feel is left behind makes us feel sad the further away in time and space we move away from it, whether we want to or not.

This is why we tend to feel a need, or even a pressure, to move onwards – the pressures from within, not from cold, unfeeling outsiders yelling at you to “get over it!” – because movement happens all around us: time, space, other people, other life on the earth, the sun will rise another day, the earth will keep moving through space.

Whilst you might want to stay still,and whilst you might even need to stay still: to do so for too long will ultimately cause more sadness.

Movement therefore isn’t just about dancing or exercising – movement is about pulling each aspect of yourself together to move forwards through space and time: body, energy and soul.

And when all aspects of yourself come together?

That’s your personal power in action.

Not “power-over-someone-or-something else”, not domination – this is dominion.

Dominion is the power that gives you self-assurance and self-trust in your own abilities to achieve what you want to achieve.  Dominion is the power that makes you feel like you can take on the world and win.

Dominion is the power that makes you come alive.

Imagine how powerful your dreams and goals could be if you dreamt from this place of dominion?

But…how can we reach inner dominion?  How can we reunite body, energy and soul?

Through your body.

Your body is what tethers your soul and energy here in this life, on this planet.

Shall we get started?

I’m assisting my friend Tamara Romaniuk over at Living From Your Soul run a live Desire Map Workshop combined with Open Floor Movement in London this August 28th-30th.

Desire.  Movement.  Unity.  Dominion.

Putting your body and soul into goal-setting.

Imagine how much more powerful your dreams and goals will be.

To find out more, click here

We are made of movement – through space and time, in setting and chasing dreams, from here to there, through life itself.

How do you choose to move?


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